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Achieve your Goals Towards a Fit & Healthy Body through Proper Nutrition and Living an Active Lifestyle. Pages within NutrActive provide you with Helpful nutritional Tools Guiding you to a better understanding of How to Eat Healthy and Incorporate Exercising into your Busy Schedule. Need more Accountability? View the Services page for the types of professional nutrition and fitness services offered by NutrActive's Registered Dietitian & Personal Fitness Trainer, Laura Garrett. Learn more about her on the About Me page.

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* Nutrition and fitness information you can Trust, never misleading!

* Useful health related self help resources and tools to lead you towards success

* Professional nutrition and fitness services

* Recommended safe health supplements and other useful products ... and more!

What you will not find :    False Hope

Get Active

The free resources listed on NutrActive's Fitness Page link you to trustworthy sites along with NutrActive approved exercise tips and fitness information. Here's a list of what you'll find:

* Workout Plans to help you develop an active lifestyle

* Fitness communities which assist you in staying committed to an active healthy lifestyle

* Sports nutrition guidelines for being physically active

* Fitness libraries full of exercises and activities to get you moving

* Body Fat Calculator which lets you realistically know your starting point and helps you identify true results

* Concussion advice and guidelines because many sports put the brain at risk

* Interactive fitness and health related games

To discover these exercise and fitness resources, Click the Fitness Button below:

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Looking for professional guidance to hold you accountable and provide you with a more personalized path to success? Give NutrActive's nutrition and fitness services a try. See what health services are offered by NutrActive by clicking on the Services button below:

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Seeking Weight Loss Help?

The free resources listed on NutrActive's Weight Loss Page link you to trusted nutritional sites not affiliated with NutrActive along with NutrActive provided nutritional tips and information geared towards leading you to weight loss success. Here's a list of what you'll find:

* Resources to boost your Self motivation equipping a motivated person to lose weight

* Tools to promote Self discipline overcoming your will power issues

* Keys to the road leading to Long term weight management success

* Proper nutrition guidelines so you are not creating nutrition gaps in you quest to lose weight

To discover these weight loss and nutritionally sound dieting resources,

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Looking for professional guidance to hold you accountable and provide you with a more personalized path to losing weight successfully? Give NutrActive's nutrition services services a try. To view the health services offered by NutrActive, Click on the Services button below:

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Laugh Therapy -- proven health benefits!

Click here to add a little laughter to your day!

Would you believe a good belly laugh actually impacts your overall well being in a positive way? It's true! So, to help you tap into this simple yet effective action to improve boost your health, NutrActive has put together a humor page with a collection of "funnies" related to nutrition, weight loss or dieting, and exercising in general. Please feel free to share something funny! We'll gladly post it for others to laugh at along with us :)

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.
Here's a list of the many proven health benefits associated with laughing:

* Improves your overall sense of well being through the body's release of the natural "feel good" hormones called endorphins

* Through the relief of stress, laughter can help lower blood pressure

* Boosts your immunity to diseases by actually lower stress hormones and increasing antibodies

* A really good belly laugh, the kind that almost has you rolling on the floor, will target your abdominal muscles

* Relaxes muscles in the body for up to 45 minutes. Need to relax, have a good laugh!

Ready for some good health related humor that will help improve your health?

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Blog themed around:

* Being in control of your fitness goals
* Daily actions have direct consequent effect on health
* Your current state of health is no accident
* No Excuses! Take ownership for what you’ve done that landed you in your current state of health

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