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Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

"I wanted to thank you for your help when I asked about breastfeeding and losing weight. I quit drinking sodas and eating sugar. I have been exercising regularly and I am only 5 lbs. away from my chart weight losing a total of 35 lbs." --- Anna Pettit from Alaska

Laura asked Anna to share what lifestyle changes she made. We hope you find this helpful:

"I have been doing a combination of exercise routines. I started by walking on my treadmill at 2.4 miles per hour, not very fast but it was a start. I would walk for 15 minutes at first. I slowly increased to 3.4 miles per hour fast walking - this took about 3 weeks.

After my treadmill walk I would do sit ups - approx. 50 to 100 crunches, then approx. 50 side to side crunches. I did a variety of sit ups. I did some basic leg exercises, laying on my side I started every other day and increased to daily (I used some of the exercises from your e-zine).

After 4 weeks of working out at home, I was ready for an aerobics class. It was hard at first. The class is almost 2 hours long. At first I could hardly lift my legs, but I hung in there and now I can do everything in the class. I have worked my way up to 4.5 miles per hour of jogging on my treadmill for 25 minutes (about 2.5 miles). Some days longer if I feel up to it. After this, I do some light weight work on arms and legs then some abdominal work. I have been going to the aerobic class 3 days a week and doing my treadmill 3 days a week at total of 6 days a week. I am going to add some aerobic videos to my routine in the next week for a change of pace - something new to keep my interest going.

I took it slow at first. I started mid-April and its now mid-August. It took 4 months to lose the weight and it came off slowly. I seemed to have a period were the scale was stuck, but in a week or two I would drop more weight. I have 6 children and they have been learning right along with me. My 2 year old puts on my shoes and a sweat band and hops on the treadmill - while its turned off, of course. She is already learning good habits by watching mom. My 10 year old daughter has come with me to aerobic class several times. She likes it and I think that's great. Kids today sit around too much so I am hoping this will teach them good habits later in life. I listen to my body if I am hungry I eat - but I eat sensible including frozen grapes, tuna sandwich, egg sandwich, lots of salad with light dressing and some croutons. I found that pumpkin seeds are a good snack, also. No chocolates, sugars, sodas, and lots and lots of water. I crave water now, not soda. These will be lifetime habits for me, even when I am done nursing.. Sure I will splurge occasionally but knowing that its only one or two times a month and not everyday. Your newsletters they helped me make good decisions on what kind of foods we should be eating. One thing we have done is switch from white bread to wheat bread. I buy wheat in everything I can now. Your newsletters are great and have great nutritional and exercise advice. "

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