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Looking for professional help? If you are tired of trying to reach your goals and failing, it is time to seek the help of an expert in nutrition and fitness. While eating healthy may seem like a simple concept, most people get overwhelmed and confused by all the information published. Sifting through all this information and trying to decipher what is factual is no easy task. If you have yo-yo'd for too long or if you have plateaued in your fitness routine, give one of the services below a try. One-on-one individualized help will make a difference.

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Includes one 60 minute (nutrition assessment OR fitness assessments) and evaluation, email recap of session including personalized plan with big picture goals and small action steps, and applicable handouts OR exercise instructions.
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After the initial consultation and assessments with goals set, you will need professional advice helping with strategies to accomplish these goals. Meeting in person or online is ideal for one-on-one guidance.

NOTE: For in-person individual nutrition consults or fitness training, Laura only trains women. Husbands are welcome when paired with their wife during the same allotted time.
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NEW! Personalized Video Fitness Plan Video App

If you are the type of person that simply needs a plan to follow and do not need or want to commit to regular in-person workout sessions, then the Personalized Written Fitness Plan will meet your needs. There's an initial in-person assessment which helps the fitness trainer develop your personalized 2 month plan. This personalized plan will account for a recovery week at the end of the 2 month cycle. After this plan, you would need a reassessment. This in-person reassessment would include another 2 month cycle.
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Group training sessions are offered for a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 people. If you and a group of friends have talked about getting together to workout but don't know where to start, group training sessions are a fun and effective way to get going and stay motivated. Sessions held in private gym and workout room.
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Go to the pricing page by clicking on the button below. After you have decided which plan best meets your needs, use the Contact button on that page with a brief description of your needs. After payment is received, a more in-depth follow up questionnaire will be sent via email to start the assessment phase.

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