Pricing for Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Services

Need help developing a fitness or nutrition plan?
Looking for a personal trainer to push you?

Let me help!


Initial Consultation/Assessments:

* Includes one 60 minute (nutrition assessment OR fitness assessments) and evaluation
* Email recap of session including personalized plan with big picture goals and action steps
* Applicable handouts OR exercise instructions

Follow-Up Consultation(s)
In-person or Face time pricing:

1 hour session ...
$75 for 1 person
$140 for 2 people

(Applies to fitness and/or nutrition consulting)

Personal Training - 1 hour Workout:

$75 for 1 person
$140 for 2 people

(Training sessions are done in a private fitness room)

Laura trains women only on an individual basis.
Husband/wife welcome to train together for the 2 person session fee ($140).
Mom/child also welcome to train together at that fee.

Training sessions for children (17 years or younger) requires parent to be present. If child 15-17 years old, parent may sign waiver to allow child to train alone.

Group Personal Training - 1 hour Workout:

$35 per individual

(Minimum = 4 people; Max = 10 people)

(Training sessions are done in a private fitness room)

Personalized Video Fitness Plan - Video App:

$250 for initial assessment + 2 month plan

$200 for Reassessment after 2 months + New 2 month plan


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