Self-Help Resources for Diseases or Conditions that Proper Nutrition & Active Living Impact

This page is dedicated to helping you find free resources guiding you towards a healthy lifestyle. The Buttons below link to the specific areas of concern, for example Heart Health, which is hugely impacted by good food choices and your level of fitness.

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Sites listed here cover a broad range of health issues and do not focus on just one condition. Some of these sites may help you better identify the symptoms you are experiencing. Approach self diagnosing with caution, however it may help you identify with type of specialist you need to seek out for professional guidance.

Health Finder
Get information to help you and your loved ones stay healthy including steps you can take to prevent cancer, what healthy habits may help you avoid type 2 diabetes, how to keep your heart healthy and decrease your risk of heart disease or a heart attack, and more.

If at anytime you need professional guidance, please visit our Services page for options to lead you down a successful path towards healthy living. Note that NutrActive primarily focuses on wellness. If you are experiencing major symptoms, a more qualified specialist in your area of concern is advised.

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